Kala Ghoda Art Festival – 2012

Since the last 3 years I have been telling my mom to take me to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival… never got the chance to go there. Finally this year I went there. Attending the KGAF this year was one of the wishes from my 101 wish list, 2012. I have finally accomplished it.

This place is more to be described by pictures than in words, so here are the clicks from there that I managed to get…


 these are the clicks from Kala Ghoda Art Festival, 2012… loved being there and waiting for 2013 to arrive now!!!




Left home on Saturday night, 07/01/2012 for the Shirdi Trip and the excitement was dwelling. The fear and excitement were having a debate in my mind. Boarded my bus and the first  SHOCK, I and Shrabani got the last seat in the bus where there are 5 passengers sitting together with no space and that was SO NOT GOOD for girls. But we didn’t let this spoil our mood…


We played KOLAVERI on our mobiles and started singing on it like a fool but we enjoyed that MOMENT!!! And then when Shrabani just took her seat back I realized that my seat doesn’t go back and WOWWW!!! I was pissed off… just then the bus operator came out of nowhere and told that he will give us another seat… and that was a BLESSING. This new seat was ‘zimbly amazing’!!! the seat went back the LCD TV was right in front of us… and I got the exact position to sleep on the seat… sleeping in the bus is a TASK… you can’t sleep unless you get that ‘oh so perfect position…’ in a bus… trust me a bong can find that perfect position to sleep anywhere…  😉

Early morning in Shirdi was so beautiful and actually CHILLING!!! We were shivering and the cold was a tooth biting cold… felt the real WINTER in Shirdi… searched for the room and got that small room for the two of us. After freshening up we moved towards the temple and the line was gigantic and I do mean it… the moment we entered the Sai Baba temple, we were sure that they wouldn’t take the flower and the Prasad that we had bought but to my surprise they did take it and that was an amazing moment… left the temple, reached our room and left for lunch and did some foolish photography there… enjoyed our lunch with ‘Thumbs Up’… the trip was over all good…. Sorry my bad!!! VERY GOOD!!!

On the trip saw this guy, the best example of TAPORI and he was rather very smart… he had the arrogance in him and I had a crush on him for them moment… hmmm I know Shrabani is going to yell at me for this but the fact is that he was indeed smart. I would have given him a smile if I met him again in the temple line but somehow just lost him… anyway it was just a crush on someone’s taporiness!!! 😛

Well about the trip, the trip was so good that I really don’t mind going for another excursion… girl trip-ping is awsmmm… we can talk nonsense and shitty whenever we want to… we can sleep the way we want to and whenever we want to… it’s a real good decision to go on a voyage with your best friend!!!

4 out of 100 smiles to strangers: DONE!!!


Smiling at 100 strangers is a part of my 101 wish list for 2012… I smiled at 4 strangers till now…  I never met them, maybe will never meet them… but as we say smile spreads smile, that’s what I am doing and everyone should do.

Smiling is contagious… VERY CONTAGIOUS… the truth is I can’t smile at unknown people for some reasons… actually at times I can’t even smile at known people. I feel it’s the most difficult thing to do. I know it would just burn some calories of mine but somehow I don’t feel like smiling at times.

After smiling at these people I felt good when I got the same warmth back. It is worth burning few calories…

96 more to go… 🙂 🙂 🙂